Rio Forum to focus on new media and social networking

On 28th May, a working session organized in partnership with Soliya will
explore how new media, from blogs to Twitter and YouTube, influences the
way public opinion is shaped on issues of cross-cultural diversity.

New media and social networking hold the promise of bringing people of
the world closer together, yet cross-cultural conflicts and tensions
everywhere on the planet seem to indicate otherwise. Do blogs, video
posts and social networking websites actually widen the gap of
misunderstanding among different communities? Or can they contribute to
building trust despite existing or perceived political divides?

These issues will be discussed by a diverse group of panelists,
including Mr Riyaad Minty, Senior Analyst, Technology Division, Al
Jazeera Network, Qatar; Mr Lucas Welch, Founder & Chief Innovation
Officer, Soliya, USA; and Mr Paulo Henrique Amorim, award-winning
blogger and journalist.

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