Presentation of innovative projects for intercultural understanding

At the UNAOC Rio Forum, on 29 May 2010, global heads of state and
private sector executives gathered to meet the leaders of the most
innovative organizations best positioned to promote intercultural

The UNAOC recognized nine extraordinary organizations that have been
selected from hundreds of applicants from around the world.

“This is an exciting opportunity to connect these incredible grassroots
organizations with world leaders to collaborate and help these groups
expand their initiatives globally toward peace and common
understanding,” said Jean-Christophe Bas, Senior Advisor on Strategic
Development & Partnerships of the UNAOC.

Following this introduction, the UNAOC is establishing the World
Intercultural Fund for Innovation (WIFI) to foster the growth and
sustainability of organizations best positioned to promote peace.

About the Marketplace of Ideas Winners:

Chapters of World Faith, Various locations, Youth

Contact: Frank Fredricks, <a

A World Faith Chapter is a self-formed and self-governed group of
religiously-diverse young people tackling local community service needs.
Whether it be teaching children in Delhi or volunteering for Habitat in
North Carolina, Chapters apply World Faith’s interfaith community
service at local levels, World Faith supports chapters by developing
leadership, building partnerships with local organizations, and helping
to fund these local projects.

In order to better serve existing Chapters, as well as scaling up the
model by founding new Chapters, World Faith needs leaders, allies, and
funders. World Faith is always searching for more social entrepreneurs
to found Chapters. Allies are vital to Chapters, whether local
organizations partnering in projects, or media outlets illuminating the
possibility of positive religious collaboration. Finally, World Faith is
in high need of funding to create better support infrastructure for
existing Chapters, as well as mobilizing to help new Chapters launch.

EMAJ (Euro-Mediterranean Academy for Young Journalists): Making News not
Stereotypes, Middle East / Europe, Youth/Media

Contact: Pawel Krzysiek, <a

EMAJ is a network of young enthusiasts for fair, sensitive and
responsible journalism gathered around an annual highly intensive
professional training program. EMAJ eases intercultural tensions by
reporting from the inside: it creates opportunities for independent
professionals to tell their stories from inside action, culture and
context – in EMAJ Magazine, a unique intercultural web-based media
outlet outside the wires of giant news agencies.

In order to be scaled up and replicated, EMAJ seeks support from donors,
professional organizations and media decision-makers to develop its
long-term strategic goals: to expand its network, refine its products,
build the capacity of its members and achieve sustainability.

Forgotten Diaries, Various locations, Youth/Online Media

Contact: Anush Hayrapetyan, <a

Forgotten Diaries is an innovative online initiative that sheds light on
the most under-reported conflicts around the world. Forgotten Diaries’
unique platform fosters long-term intercultural dialogue between youth
in various conflict zones, bridging religious, cultural and ethnic
barriers. Forgotten Diaries also empowers youth in conflict zones,
through skills training and small grants, to design and implement
innovative community development and grass-roots peace-building projects
and they recently made a documentary showcasing some of these projects.

In order to be scaled up and replicated, Forgotten Diaries seeks more
publicity. Access to policy makers and media would allow Forgotten
Diaries to bring further attention to the transformational role that
young people can play in building a sustainable future if empowered.

Melantjong Petjinan Soerabaia, Surabaya (Indonesia), Education/Migration

Contact: Paulina Mayasari <a

Melantjong Petjinan Soerabaia is a cultural tour tracing the Chinese
heritage trails in the multi-ethnic city of Surabaya. This eye-opening
experience enriches people’s knowledge about the culture of Indonesian
Chinese, breaking down stereotypes and promoting diversity and
co-existence. See for yourself a fascinating example of how the
phenomena of acculturation can form unique cultures in terms of
architecture, food, fashion, and art.

In order to be scaled up and replicated, Melantjong Petjinan Soerabaia
seeks: professional human resources, financial support to make the tour
more accessible to the public and to restore heritage object, and
consultation on how to make this project sustainable.

Three Faiths Forum

Contact: Stephen Shashoua <a

The Three Faiths Forum’s Mentoring Programmes offer undergraduate
students of Muslim, Christian and Jewish backgrounds the opportunity to
work with leading professionals and to gain invaluable experience in
their respective fields. Trios of students, one from each faith, create
projects working towards positive social change while establishing new
personal and professional relationships.

In order to be scaled up and replicated, Undergraduate ParliaMentors
needs: funding to support more participants across the UK and
internationally, and to develop other streams of the mentoring model;
publicity to expose the students further, and to demonstrate the
effective work between faith communities to wider society; and
connections with leaders around the world to be involved and replicate
these programmes.

Akili Dada, Kenya, Women/Education

Contact: Wanjiru Kamau-Rutenberg, Ph.D, <a

Akili Dada is nurturing the next generation of African women leaders by
investing in education, mentoring, and leadership training for
brilliant, hard working, young women from impoverished families.
Currently working in Kenya, our highly successful model extends beyond
scholarships by connecting scholars to a diverse network of peers and
high level professional African women who serve as mentors. Our
leadership training program facilitates scholars’ growth into agents of
change beginning with action in their home communities. Recognizing
that poor women are underrepresented and underserved by policy-making
process across Africa, Akili Dada is inspiring and empowering our
brilliant young women scholars to become the kinds of leaders the
continent so desperately needs.

In order to be scaled up and replicated, Akili Dada needs strategic
partners to help with capacity building and infrastructure development
as we share our successful model with social entrepreneurs other
countries and plan to build an elite women’s leadership academy to
serving the continent starting with the Eastern Africa region.

Peace Camp, Barcelona, Youth/Education

Contact: Raimon Ramis, <a

The Peace Camp is an annual fun-filled and educational gathering of a
hundred 13-14 year-olds from cities all around the world, organized by
Universal Forum of Cultures Foundation. Through debate, discovery,
experience, reflection and fun, the Peace Campers not only learn about
intercultural dialogue, social integration, citizen participation and
sustainability, but also form lasting relationships with other teenagers
from different cultures.

In order to be scaled up and replicated, the Peace Camp needs
institutional recognition to get support for post-Peace Camp projects at
the local level; and financial support to extend the camp to other
cities and to introduce better technologies to improve the results of
the camp.

Peaceworks, Gujarat/Kashmir (India), Arts/Education

Contact: Meena Megha Malhotra, <a

Peaceworks is an initiative that grew out of the despair over the
Gujarat carnage of 2000. Addressing the need to foster a spirit of
peaceful co-existence, mutual respect across differences, and equality,
Peaceworks supports youth to make positive change through the arts. This
initiative illustrates that it is in the realm of attitudes and values
where long-term difference can be achieved.

In order to be scaled up and replicated, Peaceworks needs funding to
continue their work and go to regions where conflict is a reality for

RandomKid: The Power of Anyone, Seattle/Various global locations, Youth

Contact: Anne Royse Ginther, <a

A non-profit co-founded by New York Times op-ed pick for President (USA)
in 2044, 15 year-old Talia Leman, and USA Today’s Pied Piper of
youth-led initiatives, Anne Ginther. RandomKid empowers youth to work
across boundaries of culture, race, creed, economic circumstance,
ability and geography to solve real problems in the world – together.
With a 300%-1000% return on whatever is invested in them, 12 million
RandomKid youth from 20 countries have brought aid on four
continents-building schools, placing wells, providing medical care, and
ultimately fostering peace.

In order to spread the peace, RandomKid is offering their website
technology to be replicated around the world, and adapted to all
languages for all cultures.

Traveling Peace Academy, Asia, Religion/Education

Contact: <a

URI’s (United Religions Initiative) Traveling Peace Academy builds the
capacity of local leaders in conflict zones to create sustainable peace
in their communities. Its methods include: training grassroots leaders
in transformational conflict prevention, resolution and reconciliation;
fostering cross-religious and cross-cultural cooperation for peace and
community development; and building multi-stakeholder partnerships that
include religious, civil society, governmental and business groups.

After a successful launch in India and the Philippines in 2009, the
Traveling Peace Academy needs funding to scale up and bring this
critical training to grassroots leaders in conflict zones throughout
URI’s global network.

Contact: Jean-Christophe Bas

Senior Advisor-Strategic Development & Partnerships

United Nations Alliance of Civilizations

Tel: 1 212 457 1090

Email: <a

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